TWO THEMES – Mozart and Beethoven

  1. Mozart’s 21st piano concerto

    Each note holds you in suspense, eddying, tumbling, eddying, tumbling, like your life inthose days. When delight came slowly, always came, unhurried, unworried. Hidden deepwithin, the sadness once found, takes half a lifetime to evaporate. In later years you hear itagain. The footsteps in the old corridor, faltering at the door, a voice, rising, falling, the wordsindistinct yet still familiar, still calling.

  2. Beethoven’s 7th symphony

    Alarm grips you as you are sucked through its dark canyons. The power of inevitable lossroars along your empty streets like an engine to a fire. There are no words, but the notes tellyou the last thing you want to hear. There is a melody, but you don’t want it, scorn to learn it.Your body rejects it like poison, like sweet poison to the times of joy.